Fuji 16mm F1.4

Awkward lenses. great for landscape, bad for street. I was literally 30cms away from the subject, just to grab his face in the frame. If you really want to build confidence, then buy this lenses, youll have to walk up and ask for photos, cannot be subtle. Whats great about this lenses, is its super sharp, so bloody dam sharp. amazing sharp. With current promotions and what ever, i managed to snag it for $960. Even though it doesnt suit my style, ill be keeping it. Itll come in handy.

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Long term project.

Been dead for a while. Recently acquired a job, full time accountant at a drilling specialist company. Photography is limited to the weekend. Recently purchased a Fuji 16mm F1.4, my god that took one month to receive. On my way to work, About a 3 min walk, or right infront of where i park is a car restoration specialist. Spoke with the owner, he was happy for me to drop by everyday to photograph. So whats the project? currently they’re restoring two cars, they’re literally just the bare bone frame. On average, it takes around 18months to have it restored. I am planning to take a photo of it everyday, and the final end product would be a progressive picture from right to left or left to right of the car frame to the final restoration. Whats the hard party? being consistent. this involves bringing my fuji xt1 everyday to work, which is something i do not want to do. I am looking into getting a Fuji x100/S or a ricoh gr. somehing i can jsut slap into my bag and not care to much.

Fuji Focus by Wire.

When i first received my XT1 which came with a Fuji 35mm F1.4, was not a fan of the focus by wire. Every turn is replaced by a micro stutter in the lens, it was laggy. Small turns on the ring usually leads to a a small lens jump in focus. It was terrible. My thoughts have changed after selling the 35mm F1.4 off and grabbing the new 35mm F2 WR. I wanted a full WR  kit, which i do now. The focus by wire has changed dramatically, no more micro stutter, almost feels the same as if Im focusing on my manual Nikon 50mm, the fuji is a bit stiffer in terms of focus ring, but that is no biggie.

Fuji 35mm F2

Recently sold my Fuji 35mm f1.4 and purchased a Fuji 35mm F2. Why? i wanted a full weather sealed kit, (weather sealed Fuji xt1 and fuji 35mm f2). I had a play with the new Fuji 23mm f2, didnt like how i had to be close to the subject so i decided to purchase the 35mm f2 for street. Have i noticed any kind of difference so far? no not really, sharpness? no i dont pixel peep. Bokeh? yeah, its a bit less creamier on the F2 since its 1 stop less than F1.4. Autofocus? yes, very quick, people have said its quieter but i find it similar, still makes a noise, but not as loud but not dramatically quieter. Size, compactness and feel? well, i like the feel of the aperture ring on the new F2 over the F1.4. it is stiffer and not as easy as accidentally changing it as i did on the F1.4.


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Fuji 18mm F2 vs Fuji 35mm F1.4 for street, in conclusion.

Fuji 35mm F1.4 hands down is better than the Fuji 18mm F2. In most circumstances i find myself standing a few meters away from the subject, the 18mm is to – w i d e- . Yes, there is some situations which i do prefer the 18mm over the 35, (like taking photos of motor bikes) but in most situations i rather have the distance between myself and the subject to be more subtle when taking a photo, i can stand about 1m away from the motor bike and grab the entire shot with the 18mm but i would have to stand a 2 – 4 metters back with a 35mm for the same shot, but that is when i take photos of motorbikes. I rather have a focal length which fits my two photography, street (photos of people) and motorbikes on the street, the 18mm is only useful for motorbikes, and i cannot be arsed to switch lense every time. A bit ironic how i purchased the 18mm for street abut ended up mounting the 35mm 90% of the time now. but never the less, i would love to try the fuji 10 -24 f4 and the upcoming 23 f2 for street, only downside is teh 10 – 24 might be to big/heavy.