Melbourne 220717

Yesterday’s haul.



Melbourne 150717

Jordan’s burthday, decided to go out and shoot with him. Spent a few hours wondering around and photoing, finished the day off with some ramen and a pint of bullmers. Took a bunch of photos, but these were my favorite. _DSF3250_DSF3262-Edit

Duy @ Melbourne 16.07.16

sixteen, 7, two thousand and sixteen. My mate and i went up to melb, we split our ways after we got off the train. he wanted to do his own thing, and i wanted to do my own. roamed around MC mostly and did street photography. It feels better being by myself taking photos, didnt have to annoy my friend or anything. felt good.

I used the Fuji XT1, 18mm f2 and the 34mm f1.4. for the good half i sued the 18mm, which wasnt bad nor good. i just found majority of the time im to far away from the subject or the picture is to big, but it was handy doing close up. the second better half i had the 35mm 1.4, it allowed me to be more stealthy as im further away from the subject but still retained a smaller image than the 18mm. ironic isnt it? i purchased the 18mm for street photography but ended up liking the 35mm more.


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Duy @ Otways

heyyyyyyyyyyyy, back again. Otways ( and twelve apostles) on 30.5.16. Traveled with my two mates, Jordan and Nemo. It was around a 2 and a half hour drive from Geelong or where i live. Best part of the trip? redwoods. Worse part? probably apostles. i found it very dull and what ever, maybe because im to comfortable with Aus? Wasnt anything jaw dropping. Gibson steps was more interesting IMO, seeing the rock solid wall being carved out by water, now that is amazing. It would be very unAustralian if you didnt visit those places at least once. Also had a chance of using my film camera, Nikon F5. Managed to lose the eye piece somehow, it was screwed on but this morning when i checked, just wasnt there. FILTERS ARE A MUST! always have a filter on your lenses, it is convenient, it protects your lens from dust/scratches, didnt have time to put lens cap back on, but that doesnt matter cause the filter is protecting it.

Here is the terrible photo of the gear i brought:



Sony A7 w/ Nikon 24mm 2.8

Nikon F5 w/ Nikon 35 – 70 2.8

Nikon 50 1.4

Nikon F3 – decoration/props


The Drive.DSC05049

Redwoods, DSC05053Redwoods,


Some crazy lens flare going on.DSC05059DSC05074

pissed myself laughing when Jordan told me to go kill myself, i told them two to come huddle and lets do a shoe pi. very typical teen stuff.


Nikon F3


Inspired my Ai Wei Wei,


Lunch, cant miss that shit. We bought 6 bacon rolls, we used tongs to pick them. Old man came from the back and said we can buy packs of 2 and save $1 Cause $1.5 each, after telling us that he said they wernt any packs of 2 for sale today. w t f LOL. thanks mate, like we didnt want it today, we’ll just wait till the next day to purchase them and save some coin.


Gibson steps,


Apostles, why do they even call it 12 Apostles? there isnt even 12 anymore. PLAGUED BY TOURIST, half were asian. best time to go? chinese new year i reckon.DSC05218them two rebels juimped the fence.


we jumped the fence for this shot, i believe we were at Loch Ard Gorge.


On our way back, beautiful sunset and scenery, Nemo stopped the car, Jordan and i flew out and just started taking photos.




And that it, day concluded. finished the day off with my other group of friends, we had homemade pizza (cooked in a wood oven) and a few bevs.