The mighty Nikon F3. Purchased this in Japan in 2016 for about $450 AUD. Never really used it until now, currently doesnt mount anything atm but if it does than its the Nikon 17-35 F2.8. $450 is a bit of a steep price, but i wanted a minty condition one here are some juicy pictures.


Nikon F3 was the third of professional series of film cameras from Nikon. Immediately youll notice is its size, majority of the professional cameras these days or the F4 / D1 onwards are massive. One gripe I have with the camera is the lack of grip, doesnt fit as comfortably as the F5 or my D810.


Birds eye view of the camera. This is the very definition of function and then form. As basic as it can get.


Rear back plate, has a slot for the ISO cards.

Thanks for looking, hope you guys enjoyed the juicy pictures. 🙂





I have recently acquired a Contax T2, a Gold Contax T2 one to be exact. Managed to pick it up for $750 AUD, we is very cheap (in my books) for a boxed minty condition Contax T2. I have seen them floating around from the $700-800 mark for just the camera itself. Long story short, the girl who sold this to me needed the money to meet ends, she originally purchased it in Japan For $1,100. Funny enough there is still the price tag inside it saying $130,000YEN, which translate to about $1,500 back in the days.


Another picture of the Contax T2 with all the goodies, comes with a gold data back and a carry cover (which is not in the picture). Cosmetically you can see its in good nick.


The camera itself consums 1 x CR123 Battery, little stubby batteries which are around $10 at JB HI FI / WOOLWORTH. Not sure how many rolls it would last before changing batteries again.



A few scuffs here and there, but otherwise its in good shape. The previous order said the data back wasnt working, after changing the battery CR2025 (According to the manual, the battery should last several years before running dry) it seems to be working fine. Unfortunately it prints the dates and time on the film frame itself, I much rather it was printed in between frames.

I hope you guys enjoyed the juicy pictures, ill most likely run a few rolls in this beauty before boxing it up again and most likely sell it down the track. This was more of an investment purchase, prices will most likely hike up in the near future. You can thank the CL and Kendal Jenner for the price hikes, these were floating for around $400 – $600 last year until they became an accessory.



Christmas wish list:

Nikon D810: Yes, all the filmgasm I’ve getting and liking the aesthetic etc. I still want a happy snap camera, or basically when I cbf and shoot a lot without worrying about wasting film. Choose this over a mirrorless because i already have a Nikon lenses and when i was test walking around with the Sony A9 with the 70 – 200 F2.8, no one cared about it. From that moment on, mirrorless was irrelevant to me. I purchased the others for light weight or small/stealthy for street photog, but no one cared who big a camera was or what ever.

Nikon F6: FILM with autofocus, as I much as i like the F3, when i do model shoots (once) i would love some autofocus for the that 100% sharp.

Nikon 24 – 70 F2.8: Creme of the crop, It’ll cost quite a bit but itll save me money. instead of buying a shit load of prime lenses like before, get a good zoom and set.

Nikon 70 – 200 F2.8: For sports, cars, stop motion.



As cliche as it sounds, film makes me a better photographer. Every photo is composed, every photo has thought with it. Every frame counts, as I’m sinking in $ into each film roll, every time its developed and paying off the scanner i bought every time i scan.

I also love the aesthetics of film, its imperfection is what makes it perfect. In saying that, i don’t think i ever had a tact sharp image, not the kind of crisp sharp on the DSLR.



Yes, in fact as of right now I’m thinking of getting a D810 or D800. As much as i love film, its convenient to have a digital. Those lazy days when I can’t be ass’d manual focusing on film is those days i use digital. I believe having a combination of both digital and film will make me a better photographer, shooting on film will discipline my composure, and ill be able to translate that into digital.



Right now, Nikon F3 with a Nikon 17 – 35 F2.8 and also a Leica M6 with a Voigtlander 50 F1.5 (also soon to be sold Voigtlander 21 F4 & Voigtlander 15mm F4.5. Going forward, might pick upa F6 or if there is any application, a Hasselblad 500CM.

Few snaps from the Leica when i was over in Japan.

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As you all know I’m a photographer and love street photography. The gear i brought over was a simple:

  • Nike Bag – yes, its not intended for a camera bag, but it made do. I ended up backing an insert (for the cameras) in japan which fits PERFECTLY into the bag. The reasons i choose this option is because its more spacious, and cheap set up. Ive seen and tried on plenty of camera bags, but all of them lack room space after fitting your gear. This setup is perfect for me, and i suggest you should do the same if you want a spacious bag with camera storage.
  • Fujifilm X100T – Fixed focal length goodness, only 23mm (or 35mm in Full Frame language) – does it what i want, easy to carry around, light.
  • Leica M6 – Had a Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 and a Voigtlander 21mm F4 (or F4.5) kitting on top, i wanted to try film photography, which i ended up doing mostly. (This kid was further supplemented with a Voightlander 50mm F1.5 during the second half of the trip)
  • Xiaomi Battery – Back up battery for my phone/electronic devices. Highly recommend anyone going traveling to have a external battery, just in case when you’re in a pickle.


Shortfalls: When i wanted to switch lenses its a hassle. stuck at the focal length, especially with my Fujifilm X100T. I love it but hate it at the same time. Got jealous of Jordan’s zooms, but at the same time Im glad i didn’t have a heavy bag. But same time, i wish i had a zoom 😦

Tallfalls: Easy, lite, mobility. Able to whip it around, my back wasnt as sore as Jordan’s. Mastery at a focal length.

Here is a crummy picture taken on my iPhone 7 of the gear i brought over:

Photo 28-9-17, 5 38 18 pm.jpg

1. Preparing for Japan

Next few posts will about Japan.


One average day at work, during lunch break i was checking out Australia’s cheap website, (basically its a website which people post cheap stuff) as i was scrolling down, majority of the stuff posted is junk until i came across “JAL return tickets from Melbourne for $700”. First thing i did was contemplate, does this fit with my current budget? or should i YOLO? i YOLO’d. I sent my best mate a link and called him up, next thing you know it, we bought the tickets and started looking into what we should do, and where to stay.



Our trip plan was, Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka – Mt Fuji – Tokyo. Except, i visited family after staying in Tokyo for a few days.



So how did i prepare for Japan? Well easy, I had a budget in place already, instead of diverting $520 a week to my savings, I started allocating it to a holiday instead! Paying for the ticket was probably the only thing i was not prepared for. My budget did not leave free money on the side, every fortnight i get paid, a portion of it goes to straight to the share market. My best mate paid for my ticket, and i just paid him back, which was all apart of the budget of coarse. If anyone has about 10 minutes free per week, and would like to plan out their finance, i highly recommend creating a budget and stick to it. Teaches discipline. As for myself, i semi stick to it.

Packing for Japan, pretty easy. I over packed, best method of packing is a combination of rolling my clothes or having them folded flat. My recommendations for traveling is wear your most comfy outfit before flying out! track pants, what ever, who cares what other people think about you, cause its unlikely you’ll see them again! Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a neck rest as well, it does wonders. I had also had all my tickets printed out, AirBnB guides printed out, it prevents time wasting in case shit happening. Rather than spending 10 minutes going through email and finding the Check-In instructions, we would just take out the guide and read.


Here is a break down of budget for those who are interested:


I almost every week update/maintain my budget. Its on excel. Basically when i first moved up to Melbourne for my job, I’m living on my own. I made this budget to prepare for anything, and most importantly, save money.

So how does this work? first few weeks when i moved up, i would record my weekly spending for a fortnight before creating this budget.

Section A – Anything in column “B” has the End-of-year balance (till end of December) which reflects the accounts in column “A”, so “$2,883” is my estimate on my bank balance at the end of December. Column AA, AB, AC etc shows bank balance as end of that week. so in column AA, “$743.3” reflects my bank balance as of that week.

Section B – Income obviously indicates my fortnightly pay, other income is from other income such as dividends or reimbursements.  Anything under that is allocations of my Income. Savings and Rainy Day, i allocate $520 to my savings ever paycheck and i also try to build up emergency money, which is named as Rainy Day.

Section C – Fixed expenses, a guesstimate how much i spend per week, to food, fixed bills, other expenses etc.

Section B and C is used to make up Column A. After using some addition and subtraction, this is how i came up with Column A, which reflects my End of Year Balance and also Weekly Balance of the each account.

Majority of week end (Sundays), I would update this budget, filling out my actual expenses. Fixed expenses never change, but my spending/food are always dynamic. One week i could be spending $60 on food, so i would change $70 to $60 etc. Updating the actual spent amount helps me estimate what my bank balance would be at the end of the year.

Anyways, thats it for the first post. Not sure what im going to write out for my next one.